Criminal Profiling & Behavioral Analysis International Group

Criminal Profiling & Behavioral Analysis

International Group
Connecting the academy with the professionals through the participation of the top experts in criminal profiling and behavioral analysis.

Leading the way in Behavioral Sciences.

Unit of Police behavioral analysis?

The international group “Criminal Profiling & Behavioral Analysis” was created with the sponsorship of the Behavior & Law University Foundation in order to foster the development of the behavioral Sciences in the criminal investigation field.

Currently there are two independent actions to uphold this goal. The first one is de development of a high quality standard Certification for professionals in the field that certify them and serves as a guaranty for public security institutions, national justice courts and any other group, institution or business that require the collaboration or an accredited professional.

The second, is a Think tank that connects international police and court behavioral analysis units and encourages the scientific research between institutions.


Get certified as a professional profiler or a Behavioral analyst

Earn an authentication that ensures your capacity as a professional in the field valid for court administrations and clients.

Be proud to join to the top international profiling and behavioral conduct analysts group.

Think Tank

Brainstorming laboratory of behavioral conduct and offender profiling.

Networking space for court and police behavioral analysis units.

A place that fosters scientific researches with the participation of several universities and scientists

Our history


CPBA was officially presented on March 2dn 2017 in the first Criminal Profiling Conference celebrated in Madrid, Spain.

It is a group from Behavior & Law University Foundation that follows their ground goals; fosters the study of the university’s community and provides them assistance regarding Behavioral Sciences, particularly in Criminal Profiling and Behavioral analysis.

Our Goals x

  • Develop Behavoral Science.

  • Link the academic with the pólice investigation world.

  • Enable the communication and sharing of information between police, behavioral analysis of offender profiling units.

  • Encourage police participation in scientific research.

  • Contribute to the development of justice systems

  • In short, contribute to society.

CPBA certifies you as:

Criminal Profiling

Analyzes the behavior of offenders reflected in the crime scene. This professional is able to infer the fisical, personal, social and personality characteristics of the author of the crime. Therefore he is able to help Police investigations and elaborate technical expert reports.

Written Conduct Analyst

This expert analyzes calligraphy of written texts and their characteristics in order to verify their authenticity and originality. He is capable to write expert documents for court or official use.

Personality Profiler

Evaluates and executes a profile according to the personality of the evaluated subject based on observable behavioral indicators which allows this professional to understand the subject and influence future behaviors.

Non-Verbal communication Analyst

Analyzes emotional and rational states understanding the consequences they have in non-verbal behavior on people. In both themselves and others. e.i in deception.

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