International Professional Certification Granted by CPBA

Would you like to get certified as a Criminal profiler or Behavioral analyst?

The meaning of being Certified x

The Certification is a professional endorsement that validates the education, training and actualization of an expert. It is an international certification that meets the standards of the Criminal Profiling and Behavior Analysis International Group.

The certification is quality seal available to the certified expert and means that he or she has excellence training.

This certification also allows a continuous training and an ongoing update of the experts professional specialty.

Types of Certifications x

Criminal Profiler.

Non-verbal Behavior analyst.

Personality Profiler.

Written Conduct analyst.

“We have a strategic plan. It’s called “doing things”.”

Herb Kelleher.

How do experts join? x

Experts must have a Master’s Degree provided by Behavior and Law. Click here for more info

Experts must sign and follow the Ethics Code and the rules of performance.

Experts must be part of the ongoing workshops and keep updating their knowledge.

Pay the Certification fee: First two years 330 € (Taxes not included) – Following years 80 € (Taxes not included) per year to renew the membership.

Why should we have an Ethics code? x

We have created an Ethics code that should be followed by all the professionals who wish to be certified by CPBA. This Ethics Code is a behavior guide that stablishes the moral and Ethical policies that should be followed by the professionals that have been certified.

In interest of strengthening the certification, fulfilling the Ethics Codes policies will display a professional image to society, the administration and other groups of professionals of the field. Furthermore this will reflect unbeatable aptitudes and attitudes needed to accomplish a first class job.

“In the race for quality, there is no finish line.”


How to get ECTS x

Academic improvement workshop list. More info

Scientific magazines list. More info

Conference and events list. More info

Continuous training x

In order to keep the certification the experts should be always highly updated and keep deepening their knowledge. This must be ascertainable by one of the following ways:

  • Joining a course of academic perfectioning (CPU) related to the certified specialty and recognized by CPBA
  • Publishing articles in scientific magazines admited by the CPBA
  • Asisting to conferences or events granted by the CPBA.                                          

Professionals Certified by CPBA (Full List)

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